Beautiful You!

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Meet Lavi Re' 

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Femininity Mentor,

Plant-based Chef and Speaker

The Plated Plant with Lavi Re' has been committed to helping women improve their self image and outcomes in different areas of wellness. Whether you need to lose or manage your weight, heal from chronic disease, or regain your self-esteem lost to poor habits or relationships -  I'm here to help you! I teach you how to rethink your diet, self-care and self-image. I give you the plan and guide you as you shed bad habits, transition to plant-based and introduce new self love practices that are feminine, healthy and empowering.

What are you waiting for? It's time to transform into the most beautiful You!



All About You


Meal Plan

Detox Your

Digestive System


Lifestyle Steps

Lose Weight

& Reverse Disease

Intimate & 

Group Coaching

How I Help You

Learning about how your body and mind work together is one of the best things you can do for your health.  Mastering the mind, body, soul connection can impact every facet of your life. When I learned how to tune my thoughts, in order to control my actions, my appetite began to change.

Controlling your fork is the fist step to self control. Taming the beast of "self" is easier said than done, however.  That's why I created a plan that not only focuses on diet and appetite, but identifying other areas in your life where you may not have complete control.

My self-love coaching programs help you take a step back from all the noise

around you and focus on giving your body and mind the attention and care it needs.  Each one of my clients gets a deep consult with me, where we identify the items in your life that may be sabotaging your success. Together we draw out what's keeping you back from living your ultimate experience in this life and create a plan to help you reach your fullest potential.


Love Yourself Authentically

I know how important self-image is to women, and that's why focus on the whole person in implementing self-love:

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Spirituality & blockages

  • Nutrition and wellness

  • Exercise and rest

  • Pampering and self care 

  • Scheduling & planning, including meal prep

I'm here to walk you through every step of the way and have 90-day as well as 6 month to a year coaching plans.

I came from a place in my life that was broken (failed marriage, strained relationships, poor self-image) and I learned what I needed to do to thrive.  My success can be your success and I want to see you succeed and live a beautifully freeing and authentic life.

Happy. Healthy. LOVELY.

Start Your Journey


  • Let's meet in person (Houston, TX) or virtually and assess your needs.

    1 hr

    40 US dollars


The accountability of a whole community helped with my self discipline. Even with the challenge being over I have changed a lot of my unhealthy habits and am more conscious of what I eat day to day.  Thanks for the motivation to live my best life Lavi!

Nadia I.

Attorney in Dallas

Nandi is a teacher who wanted to eat cleaner and prepare delicious meals for herself and her husband. She joined our 30-days plant based group, shed pounds and looks fab!

Nandi R.

Teacher in MS