Are you ready for amazing health, to absolutely love your reflection & skyrocket your energy?

Welcome to 30 Days: Plant-Based with Lavi Re'. This online program is designed to get you from Zero to Hero in 8 weeks flat. This is an all-in program for individuals serious about taking control of their health. If you’re ready to love how your body looks, feel better, and improve your immune system, blood work, and energy levels, then this is the program that will hold you accountable.

We’ll work together to pull out all of your negative beliefs, habits and subconscious blocks that are creating resistance to adopting a healthy lifestyle, to get you LASTING results!


This is an eight-week online metamorphosis program unlike any you have ever experienced; we tear down all the misconceptions you’ve been taught about food, and build a new foundation of scientific nutrition with techniques that work for your body. You’ll receive FULL on support and group accountability to help you make healthy choices, implement self-care practices, and lifestyle improvements CONSISTENTLY!


We’ll go through step-by-step and detoxify your body and space, implement new daily practices, eliminate foods that are detrimental to you, and eat foods that boost your immune system and get you the results you want fast.  You will create a new lifestyle centered around abundant health.


You’ll also get the tools you need to ROCK it out including recipes, cooking demonstrations, virtual exercise classes, and shopping lists. With these solid health building and weight-loss tools, and daily support - and a system that leaves no room for failure - you will reach your goal and transition to plant-based in 30 days.


Whether you goal is to:

Reverse diabetes

Lower blood pressure & cholesterol

Improve cancer outcomes or 

Lose 20 or more pounds

30 Days: Plant-Based

is designed for you with

2 different tracks

to choose from

Lose 20+ Pounds Fast

Have you tried other diet plans and failed?

Have you had success losing 20, 30 even 50 pounds, and then gained it all back?

Do you feel like you'll never get a handle on your weight even though you've tried everything?


As a nutritional counselor, I've designed a program that helps my clients understand how food interacts with their bodies. On our weekly group calls, you'll get to speak with me about specific triggers, comfort eating, and mindset changes necessary to succed.

You'll learn how to enjoy treats in moderation, and find healthy alternatives to high sugar and high fat items that derail you every time you start out on a diet plans.

           How to eat healthy even when you're in a rush

           How to eat healthy even when family members are not

           What to select on restaurant menus to stay on track

           How to avoid comfort eating and form new habits

           How to meal prep and meal plan so you don't end up hungry


Reverse Chronic Disease*

In my version of the famous line of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, chronic disease “is a toothless paper tiger that need never, ever exist and if it does exist it need never, ever progress." Esselstyn spoke those words in an interview for the  world-renowned documentary, Forks Over Knives.  It is well documented that a plant-based diet can improve the outcomes of - and even reverse chronic diseases like, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.


I am a certified nutritional counselor, and a current Master’s student of Public Health with a concentration in Vegetarian Nutrition and Program Planning. 30 Days Plant-Based is based on 70+ years of study of food and its connection to health.

In this program you will:

           Learn how chronic disease affects your body and why
           Learn how to prepare plant-based foods specific to your health

           Develop healthy habits that will improve your immune system

           Lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure
           Improve your insulin levels and increase your mineral & fiber                 intake

*Consult with your doctor before beginning any diet program. This is not a guarantee that your disease will be reversed. Our program guarantees that you will develop healthy habits that can positively impact your immune system. Individual results vary and 30 Days Plant-Based is not a substitution for medical advice.

Healthy Breakfast
"I've gone to a lot of doctors and only one has told me that I should not eat meat, and he was a plant-based doctor in Houston. But because of this program and this group, and especially the results that I was seeing on the 3 day detox that we all did, I set an appointment to find a PCP which I need to do anyway... I'm feeling so much better just from the detox. This group has been more encouraging than ever for me, for where I'm at right now in my life. I'm just really grateful to God and I’m really grateful to Lavi for doing this."
Houston, TX


Finally get and keep the results you've been chasing  


Lose your unwanted body fat  


Let go and release old habits and patterns that don't support you

Alleviate joint pain    

Turn the changes you make into lifelong habits     

Balance your hormones

Detoxify your cells and boost your immune system 


gain energy & clarity 

Be ready for anything: Vacations, weddings, events and not gain weight  

Love the reflection you see in the mirror 


Turn heads every time you walk in a room    

Learn proven techn-iques for releasing your negative self talk and self sabotaging  


Never diet again    

See powerful results in less time


Feel empowered & excited about the future    

Meet your coach, Lavi Re

I wrote 30 Days. Plant-Based to be a comprehensive guide for individuals to transition to a vegan diet. I knew when writing the recipes and putting together all the meal prep steps and shopping lists, that extra support would be invaluable in following through. 


That’s why I created a private Facebook group for clients who benefited from accountability.  That private group transformed into group coaching, challenges, and wellness programs that have successfully helped individuals reverse disease, lose weight and keep it off. 

I’m LaVerne Reid, affectionately known as Lavi Re, and I’ve been helping people transition to a plant-based diet for weight loss and disease management for over 7 years. I earned my certification in Holistic Health and Nutritional Counseling in 2014, a year after my youngest son was born. In 2019, I started on my Master's Program in Public Health with an emphasis on Vegetarian Nutrition and Program Planning.

Educating people about their health and body has been my most fulfilling passion to date! I've helped individuals collectively lose over 1,000Ibs. People have told me how they’ve felt better after only 3 days of starting to work with me, how their knees stopped aching, and their eyesight and skin improve.

If you've been feeling the toil of excess weight or chronic disease impacting your life, family, or body, now is the time to make a decision to improve your health. Now is the time to take control of your life. I am here to support you 100% of the way and give you step-by-step guidance, motivation, and group accountability to help you reach your goals.


Michael, Houston

I've been vegan now for about three weeks.... The meals are tasty and varied and you can tell a lot of thought went into them.  This has definitely made my transition to becoming vegan much more fun and easy.

Nadia, Dallas

The accountability of a whole community helped with my self discipline. Even with the challenge being over I have changed a lot of my unhealthy habits and am more conscious of what I eat day to day.  Thanks for the motivation to live my best life Lavi!

Jessica, Killeen

Lavi is positivity radiant, her light of love and passion shines through in everything she does. I am incredibly blessed... She truly pours her heart into everything she does to make everyone around her better.

Lionel, Houston

The 30 Day Challenge was exactly what I needed to jump start my focus on bettering my health. Having a group of people to go through the process with was a tremendous blessing.  Plus, the recipes were great and I even use many of them still.

 What my clients are saying 
Feel Energized, Love Your Reflection & Improve Your Blood Work


Knowledge is KEY! The reason why clients in my programs have experienced so much success losing weight and improving their health is because I educate them about THEIR bodies.  I teach them exactly how their bodies work and how food interacts with their cell processes and cell functioning. They learn how to eat to improve their health and feel empowered to reach their goals.


We also uncover the why. "Why do you have a hard time sticking with a diet plan?" "Why did you develop hypertension?" "Why did you develop diabetes?"  A lot of times people self-sabotage their own efforts in an attempt to be fulfilled.  Have you ever started a diet then found yourself binge eating chocolate bars at 1:00 in the morning?? Why? You wouldn't do that on a normal day, yet somehow when it's time to focus on your health, you become defeated before you get started.  It's time to change that! My program is designed to help you get to the bottom of your bad eating habits and create new, healthy ones.

Together, we help you create systems that are easy to stick to and become second nature.  No more guessing what to eat, when to eat, or buying a bunch of needless "health food" from the grocery store only to throw it out. No more countless pills, shakes and plans that leave you right where you started or worse.  Together we'll overcome your setbacks:

Cravings & food addictions

Lack of motivation & energy

Negative self-talk

Low self-esteem

Aches and joint paint

Busy schedule or lack of preparation

Over eating & binging

Family pressure or shame

If any of these things sound familiar or like excuses you've used, then there's room for growth. Lucky for you, you found your way to this stellar program where I'll show you how to knock out your resistance in a matter of weeks instead of years and equip you with the right tools and processes to align your thought processes with positive action.

Woman Cooking in Kitchen




Sundays 9am CST // Tuesdays 6:30pm CST


Access to a dynamic Facebook group with great support, accountability, and advice. With people JUST like you really focused on creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts.


Downloadable weekly meal plans that lay out exactly what you should eat, the steps to prepare them, and the shopping lists, so you purchase from the grocery store only what you need.


Learn how to make delicious plant-based meals with step by step videos of some of our favorite dishes, included in your meal plan.


Work out virtually with the added benefit of group accountability. Show up and make life-long friendships, or work out with the recorded sessions on your own time.


Unlimited feedback from Lavi Re on your most pressing health & wellness challenges – via phone call or WhatsApp messenger. ALL client questions are answered inside the private FB group within 24-48 hours. Answer ALL your questions, weight loss, food labels, disease specific- YOU NAME IT!
Drinking Green Juice


The first step of changing into something new is getting rid of that which is old, and does not serve you. In this module you will purify your body and your environment.

Welcome, bird's eye view & mindset

Detox your body and your kitchen

learn what to eat this week




This module is all about understanding how your body operates and interacts with food. You can choose to watch all of the videos regarding health or just the ones specific to you.

Create Your Morning Ritual

start using water to help reach your goals

Owning your health:  3 videos

learn what to eat this week

Plated Plant Recipe demo

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