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Have you tried everything to lose weight but nothing has worked?  Has your doctor recommended a diet change but you don't know where to begin? Or you've made the suggested changes but your blood-work and reflection don't appear any different? Or maybe they've gotten worse.

As a certified nutritional counselor, I'm here to guide you into a better way of living, and help you discover a healthier you.  By making simple changes to your plate and fork, you can achieve the health or weight loss goals you long for. Sometimes it's the little things (or big things) that are sabotaging our efforts.  Let us help you analyze what's on your menu and make suggestions that will prove to make all the difference in the world. Call us today to complete a lifestyle & diet evaluation and receive a custom analysis and plan that you can follow. Pricing for Analysis & Comprehensive Plan.

Complete Transformation for Women Our Pretty Girl Co program is designed to address specific areas in your life that impact your health including diet, self-care and self-image. We guide you through the process of shedding bad habits and introducing new practices that will help you improve your overall wellbeing. Visit our website dedicated specifically to helping you realize your true beauty 


Looking for a meal plan? Our nutritionists have designed balanced, delicious meals based on scientific principles of food combining. Just the right amount of vitamins, protein and minerals are included in each week's meal plan to ensure that your blood is being fortified to supply your body with what it needs.

Need help preparing healthy meals? LaVerne P. is prepared to teach you and your group vegan basics and not so basics - around the kitchen. Learn how to make plant-based meat substitutes, cheeses and creams,  and even desserts and quick breads.  Our cooking classes start at $75 per session (we bring all food).

Looking for a speaker? We love speaking to groups! Whether it's a corporate function, church seminar or small mom's group, we can tailor our messages to fit your audience and theme, while teaching participants the importance of simple lifestyle changes. Our approach is non-judgmental, informative and fun. Contact us today to reserve a spot on our calendar: (281)656-1537 or email:

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