Grocery & Meal Delivery

Plant-based meal kits and fresh produce are delivered twice per month as part of our monthly weight loss programs. Every other Sunday, you'll receive ingredients to prepare 3 large entrees that will serve as your mid-day meals for the week.  You'll also receive fresh ingredients and weekly meal prep instructions for quick, yet nutritious breakfast smoothies, sides and dinners. Join our community to receive meal plans for the weeks in between, as well as shopping lists, workouts, and access to 1-on-1 coaching.


We try our best to source local ingredients that are non-gmo & organic. Always 100% plant based.



Recipes & ingredients for 3 large entrees, breakfast smoothies, and dinner.


We offer free delivery for most areas in South Houston including Pearland and downtown.


We pride ourselves in crafting dishes that the whole family will love. Season well Sis!

*Meal kits are delivered on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. You will receive recipes and ingredients for well rounded and nutritionally dense meals for 7 days.

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