In-home Cooking Class

In-home Cooking Class

Our In-home Cooking Classes focus on helping you transition from meat eating/vegetarianism to 100% plant-based.  We teach you the healthful practice of food combining and focus on 3 areas that will make you a vegan pro in no time:

  1. Veggie Meats, Burgers & Balls
  2. Vegan Sauces & Creams
  3. Scratch-made Quick Breads

All ingredients and specialty equipment provided. (Pots, pans, serving ware - not provided)



    Our cooking classes are hosted at your site/home on Sundays and typically last 2 hours.  Our chefs bring all the ingredients and specialty equipment to prepare your meals for 2 people. Most classes include a main course and sides.

    Talk to your chef about your meal preferences and allergies. We will call you once your date is reserved.

Additional Guests
Additional Children

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