Weekly Meal Prep

Busy families love the convenience of having our vegan chef and nutritionist come to your home and prepare balenced, plant-based weekly meals.  All meals are from our 30 Days Plant Based guide so you have no trouble meeting your health and weight-loss goals.


Weekly meals include 5-6 large entrees and sides - enough for a week's worth of lunches and dinners.  Also includes a casserole (lasagna, baked mac & cheeze, etc.) freezing and enough servings for a family of 4.


Our nutritionists have designed balanced, delicious meals based on scientific principles of food combining. Just the right amount of vitamins, protein and minerals are included in each weeks' meal plan to ensure that your blood is being fortified to supply your body with what it needs.




    Once you complete your purchase you will receive a phone call to schedule your 1st week of meal prep.


    Sign up for regular meal prep and save 10%! Your chef will come out at the scheduled time each week to prepar your [family] meals.  Save 10% on all recurring services - billed weekly. Cancel any time.

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Weekly Meal Prep

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